Poster on CI Theme

Course Code and Name: MSJ 111213 Principles of Public Relations

Project Name: Poster making on Non-Violent Communication

Project Date: Spring 2021

Project Description:As part of this course, students were tasked with creating a poster that embraced the essence of curriculum integration (CI). The Spring 2021 semester focused on the theme of ‘Nonviolent Communication’ within CI.

It was a group project where, Sambitul, Rohan, Namira and I  formed a team. We held several meetings online to discuss the concept as the university was off-campus due to COVID-19. Our objective was to encapsulate a message aligned with CI through the poster medium, recognizing its exceptional capacity to disseminate information effectively to a wide-ranging audience.

Project Justification:The rationale behind our project lay in creating a thought-provoking visual rhetoric titled “My Wife is Obedient,” addressing the issue of domestic violence. Despite the title, the content depicted a distressed Bangladeshi wife who is beaten up by her husband, symbolizing the stark reality of abuse. Her eyes bound by the phrase “My Wife is Obedient” starkly contrasted the violent nature of the situation.

This project aimed to underscore the significance of nonviolent communication as an essential form of interaction. It emphasized that not all communication necessitates violence and that nonviolent communication is a pivotal method in societal discourse. By leveraging posters as a medium, we sought to facilitate a deeper understanding of nonviolent communication, aligning with the course’s objectives. Our endeavour allowed us to explore and comprehend various methods of expressing ideas without resorting to violence, thereby highlighting the importance of this approach in effective communication.

My wife is OBEDIENT


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Learnings and outcomes (Self-reflection):

  • Learned how to deliver a message through a poster.
  • Acquired Adobe Photoshop skills for creative expression.
  • Understood the power of visual rhetoric in conveying poignant messages.
  • Recognized the sensitivity and impact of addressing domestic violence.
  • Experienced the challenge of using symbolism to communicate complex themes.
  • Realized the potential of posters as an effective medium for social dialogue.
  • Understood the boundaries of expression within the constraints of a message.
  • Gained insights into the intersection of communication and social change through art.
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