Podcast in English

Course Code and Name: MSJ 111201 English for Media

Project Name: Podcast (English)

Project Date:Summer 2021

Project Description:In this course, students had to work on hard news, feature articles, magazines, and podcasts as course assignments and projects. I chose to showcase the podcast that was conducted in the English language in a group of three.

We streamed the podcast titled “Fate of the Tigers” on the audio-streaming platform Podbean, where three of the members discussed the prospects of Bangladesh o the upcoming T20 World Cup.  Rohan and Simran acted as guests while I contributed as host. However, the traditional concept of host-guest didn’t work there as podcasts need to be interactive.

Project Justification:The project, titled “The Royal Bengal Podcast,” aimed to capture the essence and anticipation then the upcoming T20 Cricket World Cup 2021, focusing specifically on the Bangladesh cricket team and their journey leading up to this prestigious tournament.

The choice of the podcast title, “The Royal Bengal Podcast,” carries significant cultural and national significance. The term “Royal Bengal” is emblematic of Bangladesh, representing the country’s identity and resonating deeply with the team’s moniker, “Team Tigers.” This connection establishes an immediate recognition and association with the Bangladeshi audience, fostering a sense of pride and ownership in the podcast’s content.

Moreover, the series title, “Road to Dubai,” underscores the narrative arc of the podcast episodes leading to the grand finale of the T20 World Cup at the Dubai International Stadium. This title sets the stage for an exciting journey, highlighting the anticipation, challenges, and triumphs faced by different cricketing nations en route to the ultimate showdown in Dubai.

The inaugural episode, titled “Fate of the Tigers,” serves as a compelling introduction to the podcast series. It dives deep into the Bangladesh cricket team’s recent performances, analysing their strengths, weaknesses, squad composition, and the potential outcomes they might face in the upcoming World Cup. The episode promises an in-depth exploration of the team dynamics, providing listeners with comprehensive insights into the Tigers’ prospects in the tournament.

Overall, “The Royal Bengal Podcast” is designed to engage cricket enthusiasts, particularly those passionate about the Bangladesh cricket team, by delivering informative, insightful, and captivating content. The project aligns with the fervour and anticipation surrounding the T20 World Cup, catering to a diverse audience eager to follow and analyse the team’s journey towards cricketing glory on the global stage.

Podcast link: https://townsmandaily.wordpress.com/2021/09/19/fate-of-the-tigers-a-podcast/

Learnings and Outcomes (Self-reflection):

  • Improved teamwork by contributing to a group podcast project.
  • Enhanced ability in crafting engaging audio content for a specific audience.
  • Learned to structure storytelling for audio platforms effectively.
  • Developed techniques to captivate listeners and retain their interest.
  • Developed skills in gathering and analysing cricket-related information.
  • Gained experience in delivering informative content via spoken medium.
  • Recognized the importance of cultural references in engaging local audiences.
  • Gained familiarity with sharing podcasts via online platforms for wider accessibility.
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