Performance Art

Project Date:Summer 2021Â

Project Description:Students must produce an installation art or performance art based on the curriculum integration (CI) theme of digital citizenship for this course’s final project. The theme of this installation art or performance art is being imprisoned in the digital world. Through artistic representation, the digital citizenship practical application was symbolically depicted.

This was a group assignment amid covid lockdown. We four members of the team held several meetings online to brainstorm concepts, generate ideas and prepare the performance storyline, costume and props.

Project Justification:“Trapped in Digitized” is a performance art project that vividly portrays our modern entrapment in the digital world. Through diverse art forms in a video presentation, we illustrated the pandemic’s impact on our tech dependency. This piece delves into how technology became both a lifeline and a constraint during lockdowns, aiming to evoke reflection on our relationship with the digital realm and ahow we are being caged by these new modes of advanced technology.

Performance Art exhibition link:

Learnings and Outcomes (Self-reflection):

  • Learned the concept of performance art through performance, overcoming fear.
  • Improved clear message delivery via straightforward presentation.
  • Gained confidence in executing performance art.
  • Recognized simplicity as a strength in conveying complex ideas.
  • Experienced logistical shortcomings for improvement next time.
  • Understood the impact of framing and capturing quality.

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