Video Art

Course Code and Name: MSJ 11215 Convergence Communication 2

Project Name: Over the Head (Video Art)

Project Date: Fall 2021

Project Description:The final requirement for this course was to create a video art based on the Curriculum Integration (CI) theme. The CI theme for that semester was “Gatekeeping.” As part of our projects, we must create 1-3 minutes of video art to communicate the message.

It was an individual project. As the semester was marred by lockdown due to COVID, it was a little troublesome for me to shoot the art as I didn’t have enough logistical support to execute the concept I initially wanted.

Project Justification:Using a football and a symbolic rainbow flick, the video portrayed nuanced messages without direct dialogue. I wanted to portray gatekeeping in independent journalism and individual life in today’s society. Because video art can convey a message by using only symbols or models, without saying anything directly. This time the rainbow flick will completely be done, which means the ball will come forward with the flick. And a smile on the face of the artist (me).

Video Art Project:

Learnings and Outcomes (Self-reflection):

  • Gained insights into translating complex themes into visual narratives.
  • Learned to employ symbolism in conveying nuanced messages.
  • Improved planning and execution in video art production.
  • Learned video and audio editing using Adobe premiere pro.
  • Discovered the power of non-verbal communication in storytelling.
  • Developed creativity in merging personal experiences with academic concepts.
  • Enhanced understanding of gatekeeping theory through practical application.
  • Strengthened technical skills in video shooting and editing.
  • Focused on audience interpretation and multiple layers of messaging in art.

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