Feature story in Bangla

Course Code and Name:MSJ11202 Bangla for Media

Project Name: Feature Writing

Project Date: Fall 2021

Project Description:The final assignment of this course was to cover a humane-angle feature story in a group of two and the form of language must be Bengali. Through crafting this feature story on a young female entrepreneur who runs a street-side food cart, my friend Bishwojit Das Bijoy and I engaged with various fundamental aspects of print media reporting. It enabled us to provide information in storytelling ways and showcase how it impacts people’s lives.

Project Justification:We tried to bring the inspiring narrative of a woman entrepreneur managing a streetside food business from a portable van, supporting her family. By crafting this report, we actively engaged in employing journalistic techniques, interviewing, adhering to basic principles, meticulously choosing Bangla words, and ensuring storytelling construction. This effort was crucial in honing our abilities to present a compelling account of her story.

Link: https://townsmandaily.wordpress.com/2021/01/12/turja-a-resilient-dreamer/


Learnings and Outcomes (Self-reflection):

  • Gained journalistic storytelling techniques.
  • Enhanced interviewing skills.
  • Developed a compelling feature narrative.
  • Improved linguistic precision in Bengali writing.
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