Page layout design

Course Code and Name: MSJ 3252 News Editing & Translation

Project Name:Page layout design

Project Date: Summer 2022

Project Description: In this course, among many other writing and editing assignments, the students were also taught and assigned to make a newspaper page layout design for an online news portal using Abode InDesign software.

It was an individual assignment. I had to choose news content from any online news portal and images from there to design the page. The critical part of the page layout design was to put the text aligning the images of the character, which I successfully could do. The page was not designed in the broadsheet size of a newspaper but rather in a compact tabloid size.

Project Justification: The assignment in News Editing & Translation focused on the creation of a newspaper page layout and served as a practical application of the necessary skills for working as a sub-editor in the newspaper industry. This task allowed for the demonstration of proficiency in selecting appropriate news content and images to construct a visually compelling page within the constraints of a compact tabloid size. The emphasis on aligning text with images aimed to optimize reader engagement and facilitate a seamless flow of information. This assignment provided a platform for honing essential layout design techniques crucial in modern news publication formats.


Learnings and Outcomes (Self-reflection):

  • Developed skills essential for a sub-editor, crucial in today’s media landscape.
  • Enhanced storytelling through strategic image placement and layout dynamics.
  • Mastered Adobe InDesign, honing layout design skills for newspapers.
  • Learned to apply typography and visual hierarchy for a sports page
  • Mastered in creating newspaper layouts, and understanding mainstream industry processes.
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