In-depth Issue Story

Course Code and Name:MSJ 3152 Online Journalism

Project Name: Issue-based in-depth online report

Project Date: Fall 2021

Project Description:In this course, we were assigned to produce an in-depth issue story for an online website with an immersive presentation for better reader experience such as using quotes, images, and tweets. As it was an individual project and it was near the anniversary of infamous road-safety movement that shook the city streets in 2018, I wanted to portray what the situation was 4 years down the lane. Well, as you go through the article – you may see the situation hasn’t got any better on the roads. I have taken several video and audio interviews, utilised road accidents data revealed by Road Safety Foundation, analysed and wrote an in depth story and pubished on my personal news site as submission of the assignment.

Note that, the article was written in Bangla language as the course teacher told it would have better reader-experience and as I was little weaker on writing aritcles he wanted me to delve deep into writing in Bangla. However, it turned out that I put a very comprehensive story that was later re-used in Daily Ittefaq, facilitated by the course teacher.

Project Justification:  The in-depth issue story sheds light on the critical road safety crisis in Bangladesh. This report delved deep into the multifaceted issues surrounding road accidents, non-compliance with traffic laws, and the consequent loss of lives. It featured impactful human stories alongside statistics, analysis, and multimedia elements like images, quotes, and social media excerpts. Through a comprehensive and detailed presentation, the report intended to educate, create awareness, and prompt action among the populace and authorities concerning this pressing concern.

Project Link:

Learnings and Outcomes (Self-reflection):

  • Deeper understanding of the layers of a critical issue like road safety in Bangladesh.
  • Improved the skills of utilizing images, quotes, and social media excerpts for immersive reporting.
  • Learned how to blend impactful human stories with statistical analysis.
  • Documenting and contributing to a movement for change.
  • Understanding the roles of various stakeholders in solving the issue.
  • Analyzing the efficacy of laws, enforcement, and personal responsibility.

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