Communication Campaign Plan

Course Code and Name: MSJ 11401 Development Communication

Project Name: Communication Campaign Plan

Project Date: Fall 2022

Project Description:This course requires its students to craft a communication campaign plan to tackle a pertinent social issue to raise awareness among a specific group or demographic. The project focuses on creating communication strategies aimed at warning and informing a targeted audience about an issue that demands attention and action.

I had to create a campaign plan with properly specifying background, objective, target audience, and stakeholders, and planning communication employing Interpersonal Communication, Group Communication, Public Communication, and Mass Communication, along with designing a poster to convey the message.

Project Justification: The communication campaign plan addresses the darkness beneath educational institutions. In several universities in the country, teenagers under 14 have been seen working in the canteen or cleaning the premises.

The campaign plan outlines a strategic approach involving various communication types to engage stakeholders and initiate change. The project aims to bring light to underprivileged children by advocating for education within universities in Dhaka. It seeks to build intent for learning among underaged workers through interpersonal communication, engage university authorities, NGOs, and students through group and public communication, and involve policymakers through mass communication. By targeting specific stakeholders and employing diverse communication methods, the campaign aims to create awareness, inspire social responsibility, and prompt action towards educating underaged labourers.

Disclaimer: A modified version of this campaign plan for course assignment was later converted into an op-ed article and published in The Daily Star on World Day Against Child Labour 2023, with due permission from the course teacher.


Darkness beneath the lighthouses, Enlightenment is due


Learnings and Outcomes (Self-reflection):

  • Understood the strength of strategic communication in advocating societal change.
  • Learned to use diverse communication methodologies for targeted impact.
  • Learned the significance of engaging multiple stakeholders for effective campaigns.
  • Cultivated empathy through understanding the plight of underaged workers.
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills in addressing a pressing social issue.
  • Understood the power of education as a tool for societal transformation.
  • Gained practical insights into translating academic projects into published works.
  • Developed a comprehensive approach to campaign planning and execution.
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