Investigative Story

Course Code and Name: MSJ 4151 – Investigative Journalism I

Project Name: Investigative Report on Mysterious Red Boxes

Project Date: Fall 2022

Project Description:As part of the course requirements, we were assigned to do an investigative report. In the midterm, we were initially tasked to write a proposal for the investigative report. Throughout 3 months of the semester, each of the students had to do a separate investigative story in visual format.

For this course, I have prepared an investigative report on the mysterious red boxes that are widely seen across the nation, mostly in the capital in busy places like launch terminals, tea stalls, bus terminals, and court premises. It always ignited in me where this money goes; who takes it, and how it gets spent. In this course, I could get a bare minimum answer to that query investigating myself and making a video report based on that.

Project Justification:Putting my first step in investigative journalism through the project on mysterious red boxes should significantly contribute to my growth as a journalist. Working on this report allowed me to enquire deeply into an enigmatic societal issue that eventually developed my skills in research, analysis, and storytelling. Investigating the whereabouts of these boxes expanded my understanding of complex topics, how to pitch a story and later enhanced my ability to ask critical questions and seek answers when I dived into the field.

The hands-on experience of crafting it in video format refined my storytelling techniques. Moreover, this project sharpened my investigative skills within the constraints of limited time and resources, teaching me to navigate challenges effectively. Ultimately, it cultivated in me a sense of responsibility towards uncovering hidden truths, reinforcing the importance of thorough investigation and ethical reporting in becoming a proficient journalist.

Investigative report:

Learnings and Outcomes (Self-reflection):

  • Developed advanced skills for investigative journalism.
  • Learned how to create sources and how to deal with them.
  • Improved video storytelling proficiency.
  • Acquired better insights into socio-religious aspects and their impact.
  • Enhance skills for analyzing community perspectives, and diverse sources.
  • Learned to tackle challenges in investigative reporting.
  • Gained insights into financial transparency issues.
  • Enhanced critical thinking and research abilities.

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