MOJO Story

Course Code and Name: MSJ 3251 Mobile Journalism

Project Name:MOJO Story

Project Date: Spring 2022

Project Description:In this course, the students were assigned to create a video news package as the mid-term assignment. It was an individual assignment and the entire work of the project had to be done using mobile phones – from shooting to editing.

Our primary domain was fixed by our course teacher to cover the bazaar situation on any specific product or angle. So, I approached the angle of covering the kitchen market that usually witnesses a surge in essential products. I visited several kitchen markets in the capital, talked with shopkeepers, and consumers – prepared a basic questionnaire to ask and later modified the angle of the story based on the data and observations from the field.

Project Justification:The project’s aim was to craft a 2–3-minute video news package using Canva and MoJo. For this news, I had to visit different markets, involving interactions with buyers and sellers. This immersive experience facilitated hands-on learning, offering profound insights into mobile journalism’s practices. The project not only fulfilled the news requirements but also served as a practical learning platform, enriching my understanding of mobile journalism methodologies and real-world reporting practices.

Project Link:

Learnings and Outcomes (Self-reflection):

  • Gained expertise in crafting a complete news package using only mobile devices.
  • Improved skills for engaging with market interactions for firsthand reporting.
  • Enhanced on-field reporting skills.
  • Understood buyer-seller dynamics and market scenarios.
  • Learned to employ Canva and MoJo tools practically.
  • Learned to adapt to mobile journalism methodologies and limitations effectively.
  • Acquired the skills of merging visuals, interviews, and narratives for impactful storytelling.
  • Enhanced portfolio with a tangible example of mobile journalism proficiency.
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