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Course Code and Name: MSJ 111203 Communication of Technology

Project Name:  Creating a Personal Blog

Project Date: Summer 2021

Project Description:In this course, students must create a blog site for this course that centres on the concept of curriculum integration (CI). We also had to write a blog post on our blog site and submit the assignment through the post’s URL. ‘Digital Citizenship’ was the focus of CI during that specific semester. It was an individual project where I wrote about a night that taught me the essence of digital literacy, an essential segment of digital citizenship. With this course, I delved into developing a website and having one of my own.

Project Justification:The blog post I wrote sharing a personal experience that took to through a nightmare delves into the essence of Digital Citizenship within the broader context of Digital Literacy. The article emphasizes the significance of Digital Citizenship, focusing on responsible internet use and cybersecurity. It stresses the importance of understanding digital technologies, online safety, and ethical behaviour. The narrative highlights the vulnerability individuals face due to cyber threats, illustrated through personal experiences and examples of high-profile breaches. It advocates for taking even small precautions to enhance online security for a safer digital environment overall.

Blog Project:


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Learnings and Outcomes (Self-reflection):

  • Learned to build a blog site and organize it.
  • Improved communication through effective narrative.
  • Gathered knowledge about digital vulnerabilities and risks.
  • Realized the importance of verifying software sources for safety.
  • Strengthened understanding and implementation of online privacy measures.
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